How Does it Feel To Meet Celebs

How Does it Feel To Meet Celebs? Let me put this question on you..How would you feel after meeting a celebrity?


Marah Louw, I (Fortunate) and Hlubi Mbuya

Normal? excited?I’ll tell you about how I felt. You will find my side of the story more interesting if not better! I was walking about during my break time at Campus. It was during the Tjo!StoryFest program so we had a long break in between. I bumped into Hlubi Mboya. At the time she was taking photos with students…and I went hang on is that who I think it is? some student next to me replied…”Oh yes it is! I was also trying to figure it out” we laughed. I gave her some time and few minutes later she went to speak to this other lady I couldn’t figure out who it was. She looked familiar and I was trying so hard to remember who it was. Guess who it was? Marah Louw…I went OMG Is it really her? My jaw dropped immediately is not even a joke. I gave both of them a chance to talk while I was thinking of how to approach them. They never stopped talking haha.. Do you want to know how you approach a celebrity? I went and interrupted their conversation. You don’t want to know what I said to these ladies…I wen’t, Hi there my name is Fortunate can I take a picture with you guys?  They graciously agreed… I excitedly posed for the photo and believe me they made my day! At the program I listened to Marah Louw talking about her book that she launched not long ago, I was inspired and have learned from her. During the discussion I asked her two questions..Do I need to be someone to write a book or anyone can write a book if they want?, Do I need to read a lot of books to write one? I know I sounded silly and obvious but I was more interested in listening to how she was going answer me back. And you know what she said? She said “No my baby you don’t need to be someone to write a book, anyone can. and as for reading, of course you need to read a lot before you write. I read lots of books before…She added that if I want to write a life story, I’m too young for it and haven’t experienced anything. The funny part was when she said “You haven’t seen anything yet, I’ve seen a lot” she said. As everyone was laughing I though she’s funny, very kind, has a good sense of humor and more importantly she’s good at telling a story. She’s a women with a good smile. Going back to the first celebrity I met that day, Hlubi…I remember someone asked a question and because she was facing opposite direction she had to turn and listen to the audience from her back, I was looking at her and couldn’t believe I’ve met her. She caught me looking at her haha that’s one thing I will never forget…she took her tongue out and we both sighed. I’m not sure if I should repeat myself but she has a good smile too. It was a best day ever. I was excited and could’t wait for the program to finish so I can talk to them. They were friendly, kind and made me feel like we knew each other for quit a while. I wasn’t sure whether I should feel blessed or grateful to talk to them if not both. Especially when they are successful women. It was a great opportunity to have them around. Mamelodi is blessed to have celebrities visiting and I wish we get that very often they were super cool!.

By: Fortunate Machaba

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