Mamelodi Different Parties Marched Against Women & Child Abuse; Memorandum Submitted To The Police Station

Mamelodi Different Parties Marched Against Women & Child Abuse; Memorandum Submitted To The Police Station


The SACP Mamelodi district, ANC Mamelodi Zone, COSATU Tshwane Local, SANCO Mamelodi Zone, MKVA Mamelodi, Train Sector Mamelodi and other progressive organisation in Mamelodi had a march on Saturday from Baleboheng Primary School to Mamelodi Police Station. The police were also present at the march. The march was about their concerns in a manner in which South African Police Service is responding to issues that frustrates the community. The Mamelodi East police received a memorandum that day. The memorandum was about issues that they raised. Issues such as crime against women and children, abuse of drug and other substances, house breaking, rapes and killing of children  which it is believed that it’s traumatising the community members. The group on the memorandum that they cannot speak and walk freely and that contributes to suppression of their birth rights that accepted and adopted by the police of South Africa As stipulated in the Bill of Right hence enshrined in Chapter 2 in the constitution of the Republic of South Africa, Act 108 0f 1996. IMG_0561The group complained that there is no progress from SAPS on cases reported, Mamelodi is turned into a free drug zone, people are afraid to walk due to invisibility of policing and the police are failing to respond positively when called to attend this matters. The group mentioned that when the SAPS fails to listen and provide appropriate services to the people of Mamelodi they are saying that they have no enough resources such as cars but yet the police cars are idling all over and they believe that is a sign of lack of commitment to crime combating. They demanded that the victims of rape and death threat be respected and their cases be followed up to the later, reinforce the law against drug abusers and drug dealers, positive and speed respond to the calls of the victims and visibility policing across all sectors. The group say that this causes people asking law in their hands and that cannot be encouraged. They added that they start losing hope and they will have no choice except to call for the transfer or deployment of those occupied high position in SAPS station across Mamelodi. The police spokes person hasn’t yet commented. More updates to follow.

By: Fortunate Machaba

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