Family Found Sadam Karrim After Being Allegedly Kidnapped By Nigarian Women

Family Found Sadam Karrim After Being Allegedly Kidnapped By Nigarian Women



Sadam Hussein Karrim, 19 was found in Marabastad and safely returned home by his uncles this morning after he was dropped off. He has been missing since Monday. It is allegedly that a Nigerian woman kidnapped him and took him to Johannesburg. The family believe that their son has been in contact with her because he was looking for a job. Before he went missing they promised him a job and told him not to tell his family where he was going. The lady came to Mamelodi extension 5 and picked him up on Monday. Before he was found, his family first went to Garankuwa’s police station last night to ask them to help look for Sadam. One of the family members said that they had a lead that Sadam was kidnapped in the dumping site. They said that the police said they couldn’t go to the dumping site at the time due to security reasons. They then went to Cellc in Menlyn to track his sim-card, when they checked his last call they found out that the “Nigerian” lady was last to phone their son. They phoned her to ask where Sadam was since they couldn’t reach him. The lady answered their call and replied that Sadam was happy where he was, his aunt asked where he was then the lady hung up. His aunt Norah Karrim said that the lady let Sadam to phone his family back to tell them that he was okay. Although the family didn’t believe it was true. “I have been in contact with the lady and she also sent us the video as her proof that Sadam was okay, he didn’t look happy at all, we know Sadam”, said his aunt Norah Karrim. She added that she thinks they were feeding him drugs because he didn’t look like himself when they saw the video, he still didn’t look right when he got home. Karrim’s family continued phoning the lady to ask her to release their son. The lady then phoned them back and said she’s going to get him a taxi to Marabastad. The aunt said they were threatened and told that they think they were smart to call her and ask for their son. She asked the family not to bring the police with them. Sadam’s uncles went to Marabastad to get him this morning. Sadam has now gone to Limpopo with his mum for recovery. Norah (aunt) said that he’s going to go for counselling and also see the doctor for his health purposes. It is not yet confirmed what has happened while he was kidnapped. “Our son looks traumatised he hasn’t said anything yet that has happened to him, we don’t even know if he’s still going to live in Mamelodi or not, that will depend on the Psychological process”, said his aunt Norah Karrim. The family has been fasting for three days praying for their son to come back and they like to thank everyone who helped with their prayers.

By: Fortunate Machaba

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