Assist Elizabeth With Looking For Sponsors; About 37 Elders and 15 Orphans Count On Her

Assist Elizabeth with Looking For Sponsors; About 37 Elders and 15 Orphans Count On Her

IMG_0617Poppy Elizabeth Ramakgapola, chairperson in her 60’s started her organisation this year March. She’s running a community project and currently looking for a sponsor for her project. She’s looking for anyone who’s interested in helping orphans and elders in her community, Nkangala. They are a team of six ladies who are helping the community but only two contributes to the project due to a lack of jobs. They are helping about 37 alders and 15 orphans. She had received sponsors before from VIVA petrol garage in Mamelodi East, Mahube complex. The lady whose the owner funded her with a R 1000 and nine bags clothes for her elders. She also received funding from a lady who owns a hardware business in Mamelodi. The challenge she’s facing at the moment is that she does not get anyone to help her to grow her project and to continue her project. She uses her money from the government (pension) to feed the elders and orphans every month. “I have been asking in many places before and they haven’t phoned me back yet, I have to take my own money to feed the elders and orphans because they count on me. Sometimes I live with nothing to eat and make sure that they have food”, said Elizabeth. The other problem she faces is that she spend a lot more money on transport to travel from Nkangala to places where she get funding because most of the people who funded her are from Mamelodi. She still uses more money to travel and look for sponsors. She approached Lottery board and they promised to fund her. She went in many places such as Motsepe foundation, Mamelodi Mahube KFC, Pick’n Pay Mahube, taxi associations, Spar and Woolworths Sylverlakes. “When I approach them they sound promising but they haven’t got back to me but I’m willing to wait until the right time comes. Anyone who can assist her, it could be clothes or food that you want to donate please contact Mamelodi FM on 0128403891 to get hold of Elizabeth.

By: Fortunate Machaba

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