Interview: Keabetswe Shelakwe; Blogger

Interview with Keabetswe Shilakwe; Blogger, writer and a photographer

Keabetswe Shilakwe 23 years old of a blog, she blogs about being a modern-day Christian and has been a blogger since last year 2016.

As Mamelodi Happenings never shared a story of this kind, we thought of bringing you a new style of telling news about a new person from a different area. New beginning….

First, tell us about yourself, your passion for writing, hobbies and job.

I’m Keabetswe Shilakwe, news intern and host of a show called The Movement. I’m a 23 years old blogger, photographer and writer. I began writing from a young age, from as young as Primary school and my teachers and family could tell I was gifted (still think they’re lying) haha and well yeah that’s how I started my writing career. It was poetry at first in both English and Afrikaans and then it would span to things like speeches and short stories and as of late, news articles, blog posts as well as the script for my own show. My hobbies are of course reading, as well as writing, and being an aunt to my nephews and niece.

What is your blog about and what encouraged you to start blogging?

Well my current blog is about being a modern-day Christian and how I tackle life though my posts are erratic and are never in time lol that’s the whole point, even my life is a mess. My other blog was about my poetry but I’ve stopped using it. We were encouraged last year to start blogging for a school assignment and I’ve been stuck on it since.

What content are you most proud of?

I love all my content really if there’s something I don’t like, it gets deleted or it just never goes up there at all… It could take up to two weeks for me to come up with one post because I believe in quantity over quality… so it doesn’t really matter as long as I know what I’ve put out there is my best.

If you get a chance to change something about your blog what would it be?

Uhmm I’d break my own insecurities and start talking more about myself and make it more p[personal but I’m afraid.

Who’s your inspiration, do you have any book you’re reading at the moment?

Haha I inspire myself really…That and the concept of strong women… I have books I’m always reading…I’m currently busy with likes 3 all at once. Books called Abducting Abby by S E Smith, What kills me by Wynne and White Fang by Jack Landon.

Does your family support you in what you do?

Yep, for black parents, they support me more than I could ever hope I’m grateful.

What do you think about Mamelodi Happenings?

I think is beautiful sentiment to have an online platform for the community. Not a lot of them have such opportunity to have their voices heard on a global scale.

In addition, Keabetswe said she was happy that Mamelodi Happenings honoured her with an interview that few would kill to have. It’s important that the youth uplift each other because people are out there trying to get to the top by themselves.

By: Fortunate Machaba


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