Solomon Mahlangu’s Family Celebrated Son’s Birthday; Mamelodi West

Solomon Mahlkangu’s Family Celebrated Son’s Birthday In Mamelodi West

Solomon Khalushi Mahlangu’s family celebrated his birthday on Monday at C2 in Mamelodi West . It is not yet known who organised the party yet. It is alleged that ANC (African National Congress) members and ministers were present during the celebration. The full story remains the subject to Gideon Mahlangu, the family spokesperson who has yet to comment. Solomon Khalushi Mahlangu was born in 1956 on 10 July. He was born second in his family. He attended school in Mamelodi High School and didn’t complete his matric because of the school closure due to the students’ riots during the apartheid period. He joined the ANC in September 1976 and left the country to be trained as an MK (Umkhonto Wesizwe). “I didn’t know what he was up to, I remember taking him to Eesterfabriek train station to catch a train, I didn’t know he was leaving the country. His last words he left me with while the train was taking off were ‘We can’t all be soldiers there must be kings’ I didn’t know what he meant at the time”, said Solomon Mahlangu’s friend he grew up with, Len Ngoma. He added that when Solomon came back to the country he had a mission to complete, he didn’t know what the mission was but it was interrupted by the police who suspected them and that led to an exchange of fire between them and the police. He was later arrested and charged with the attacks and two accounts of murder and other charges that had to do with terrorist attack act, the court found him guilty and sentenced him to death. He was hanged at Pretoria Central Prison. “He was supposed to be buried in Mamelodi but because of the fight in our community, we had with the police after we heard that he was hanged we couldn’t bury him in Mamelodi. He was instead buried in Atteridgeville and later brought to be buried in Mamelodi, B3 after the late Nelson Mandela became the president”, said Len Ngoma. More updates to follow about the family’s party.

By: Fortunate Machaba

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