Don Dada Visited Mams FM Dropping His Hot Track For Tata Madiba

Don Dada Visited Mams FM Dropping His Hot Track For Tata Madiba


Menelik Nesta Bibbons, stage name aka Don Dada, 30-year-old artist from Johannesburg visited Mamelodi FM in Mamelodi East Mahube yesterday to drop his album. He released his first album Avant Garde with the first single coincidentally released on Mandela Day in 2016. As it’s known that every year on the 18 July the entire world celebrates the birthday of the late former South African president, known as world icon Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. A day which will be celebrated tomorrow. 1

This year hip-hop star Don Dada is celebrating Mandela Day with the release of his official 2017 song titled “Viva Mandela” exclusively available on MTN CallerTune and also available for streaming and download on all major music platform. “This brought inspiration and added to the task of writing a Mandela tribute song”, said Don Dada.IMG-20170716-WA0010

The song is Mandela-themed and inspired by the book ‘Mandela Long Walk To Freedom’. He added that the song is has a Distinct African Flavour incorporating hip-hop and reggae. Menelik thought of making his song unique and upbeat considering the fact that most of the songs about Tata Madiba are sad.

IMG-20170716-WA0006“Most of the Mandela songs are sad and I wanted to make mine more upbeat. I wanted to change the way we think about the man who brought freedom to South Africa”, said Menelik.

His album (Viva Mandela) was recorded at Don Dada’s studio and record label, RuFF cuTT  studio and was produced by Super Producer Rapz coordinated by RasMoe. Don Dada also featured female close friend Somila Menjane known as Seed_Under.


By: Fortunate Machaba


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