Ward 10 Councillor And Mamelodi East Community Celebrated Mandela Day

Ward 10 Councillor And Mamelodi East Community Celebrated Mandela Day



Morwangwato Mantjane, Ward 10 Councillor celebrated his 67 minutes with the community today cleaning Sediba Sa Thuto Primary School in Mamelodi East RDP Zone. They started at Rephafogile Secondary School this morning at 10 then spent the rest of their afternoon at Sediba Sa Thuto Primary School. IMG_0667During the period, the school yard was cleaned, broken furniture was fixed and classrooms were cleaned. “We gathered here today as members of the ANC including the community members, and former ANC Councillor because we use the school for most of our meetings, but this is a continuous program.

The other group went to the elder’s homes in the community, helping them with cleaning and cooking”, said the Ward Councillor. Some of the community members were volunteers and assisted with cleaning and fixing the furniture for the school children. “I’d like to thank the community for what they did, I believe that the partnership will grow stronger and stronger and should continue for the sake of our children”, said Steve Mothwa the School Governing Body (SGB). IMG_0676The branch chairperson of ANC, Nkabotsana Mogoboya said that he was very happy to see people who have attended the event for Mandela Day, members of the ANC were also there to attend and support the community. ” We are here for 67 minutes for Tata Madiba and we will continue to assist the community when needed”, said the branch chairperson. More programs are expected take place, their intention is that they want to come with a new program at the end of this month. Their program includes visiting orphans and is still being discussed.

By: Fortunate Machaba

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