Sediba Sa Thuto Drop In Centre Support Families Including Children In Mamelodi

Sediba Sa Thuto Drop In Centre Support Families Including Children In Mamelodi


Sediba Sa Thuto dropping centre is created for underprivileged children in the community of Mamelodi. The centre is currently supporting about 170 families including 331 children from those families. These families are from 10 dropping centres in both Mamelodi East and West. One of the centres is situated at Sediba Sa Thuto Primary School (named after the school), Mamelodi East Extension 18. It was established three years ago (youngest centre) and its purpose is to provide social, emotional, physical and spiritual support to the families and children. Children visit the centre every day after school and they help them with their homework, food and clothes including school uniforms. They sometimes have social issues discussion with the kids to help them deal with issues better. Children get food every time when they visit the centre. The workers at the centre sometimes visit the families to ensure they cover all their needs and help where they can. They assist children from both primary and high school. “We want to see Mamelodi as a successful community and alleviate poverty. We don’t want to see poor families and kids into drugs”, said Sello Motabeng, one of the centre’s manager. He confirmed that most of the kids are orphans living with their grandparents and some live with single parents who are unemployed. The challenges that they face in most cases is financial problems when they have to assist the families, they sometimes find families living without food for a week, children missing school because they have no school shoes and also looking for councillors after children got raped or involved in traumatic situations. The centre is funded by the Department of Social Development which is in partnership with Pact SA.

By: Fortunate Machaba

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