Black Whole Lounge Hosted Winter Fashion Show

Black Whole Lounge Hosted Winter Fashion Show

Black Whole hosted a winter fashion show last night in Mamelodi West, A5. Local, talented fashion designers showcase their fashion trends and artist from in and outside Mamelodi were there to perform their best music for the audience. Mamelodi Fashion designers including Moleboheng Sease, Victor Galeboye, Thato Kwinana, Thandeka Nkosi, Alcanest, Longile Buthelezi, Dk Ignitious, Sonia and Konko Representative. People to show how to dress for your body, fashion with function. Artists including Paris June from Soshanghuve who has opened the stage, Pretty Simple, AK from Nigeria and Panga has performed their few songs. The original Shumba, a  comedian was also at the event to entertain the crowd and played a role as MC. He turned the stage into flames cracking most of his best jokes and kept the crowd entertained throughout the event. During the event, there were stand-up comedies that you never imagine of by Shumba. The team, Levita Entertainment (Thato, Victor, Leno and Thandeka) organised the show. The show started at 8 pm until 12 am. “It was great even though we could’ve done better”, said Thato Kwinana, one of the organisers. The next fashion show is in summer.

By: Fortunate Machaba


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