Don Dada Visited About 19 Radio Station Including Mams FM

Don Dada Visited About 19 Radio Station Including Mams FM

“Viva Mandela” by Don Dada, The official  2017 Mandela day song to pay homage to the late world icon.

1The 30-year-old singer, Don Dada from Johannesburg recently released his first album Avant Garde with the 2nd single ‘Phese Phaya’ coincidentally released on 2016 Mandela Day Concert stage. Since from the release of the song on the 7th July, Don Dada has completed interviews on 19 Stations including Mamelodi FM (Mams FM), done several print media interviews and attracted the attention of neighbouring countries such as Zimbabwe ZiFM Stereo and the Daily News. The song is currently receiving airplay in those countries.

This brought inspiration and added to the task of writing a Mandela tribute song. While the song is Madiba-themed and inspired by the book “MANDELA LONG WALK TO FREEDOM,” it has a distinct Dada flavour incorporating hip-hop and reggae, featuring a versatile female artist Seed_Under and Phiwe Romeo Phekana his close friends from PE. The footage below includes MadibazRadio PE Crew and locals.

“Viva Mandela” was recorded at Don Dada’s studio and record label, RuFF CuTT Studio, produced by Super Producer Rapz and coordinated by his dad RasMoe.

The recording of the Viva Mandela track, however, was a four-day process and unlike most songs about Tata Madiba, Dada decided to make his special song upbeat.  When asked about the type of the song made Dada retorted. “Most of the Mandela songs are sad and I wanted to make mine more upbeat. I wanted to change the way we think about the man who brought freedom to South Africans and inspired the world”, said Don. On hearing the song, Impressed and inspired,  Don Dada and his family were invited by the ANC Joburg Region 1912OnlineRadio to spend Mandela Day together.  image 4

The day started off with a one-hour LIVE tribute interview, followed by the distribution of sandwiches ( made by Don Dada), keeping the streets tidy and finally enjoying a Tata Madiba Birthday cake. footage for some of which we extracted from the ANC Joburg Region 1912OnlineRadio Instagram page  


image 5

It is very inspiring to see youths band together exceeding 67minutes by putting in a full day of servicing others together:


The team decided that a VIVA Mandela Music video was a must! The ANC Joburg Region 1912OnlineRadio media man was quick to volunteer his services, unphased by limited funds and zero sponsors the crew worked on a 3day project [including travel], elated by how successful MANDELA DAY was. It took a 13hour overnight trip to the Eastern Cape where Don Dada did 3 radio and 1 TV interviews and completed the first phase of the music video.


At the time of this release, the actual filming in two regions is complete the music video is in editing and should be available in a few days from now.

image 6

The final filming in Soweto


Don added that VIVA Mandela has been well received by most stations and locals in the community. “This has been the most enlightening experience that one can only attain by serving, TOGETHER we CAN achieve so much more even without money,” said Dada.

Every year on 18 July the world celebrates a birthday of the late former South African president and world renown icon Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. This year is no different and Hip hop artist Don Dada is celebrating with the release of his official 2017 Mandela Day song titled Viva Mandela. The song is available for streaming and download on all major digital music platforms.

By: Fortunate Machaba


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