Mamelodi Students Released Early Due To COSAS March

Mamelodi Students Released Early Due To COSAS March

IMG-20170731-WA0018Mamelodi students were released early from schools due to COSAS march yesterday into Pretoria. The march was concerning free education that the students are demanding. Students who are under COSAS from different schools have organised and participated in the march which caused Mamelodi high schools student to leave school early. There was two separate march by students, some went to Absa while others went to South African Reserve bank. During the march, the memorandum was submitted to the bank. Absa was forced to close down during that period. The march started in Pretoria, Bosman station. Students said they were marching concerning “Radical Education Transformation” which includes the struggle of free education that is believed to forever remain a priority within the student’s revolution which lead to students calling on private sectors  that are “owned by white” monopoly capital or private companies to start building schools, colleges, libraries to enhance the education system. IMG-20170731-WA0024 “We are calling on private sectors that are owned by white monopoly capital to start with, we want these privately owned companies or businesses to start building schools, libraries, college and start contributing 40% of their means of productions towards developing and enhancing the education system”, said one of the march organisers Thabo Nkoana. Students are expecting Absa not to pay back the money but have the money as a budget to transform the country’s education and economy.  He added that the South African Reserve Bank must contribute 70% of their profits towards free education including all companies listed on the JSE, they have to contribute 10% of their means of production quarterly towards the implementation of free education, the white monopoly must be dealt with harshly. The march lasted for a day and businesses who are expected to contribute are given 7 days to reply. It is not yet know what was the reaction to private companies owners when they received the memorandum. The matter remains the subject to the owners.

By: Fortunate Machaba


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