Alleged Wife Killer Denied Bail

Alleged Wife Killer Denied Bail

Phineus Mampane appeared in court this afternoon after a case of murder was opened against him. He was accused of murdering his girlfriend on June 24 2017. His case was taken to the high court for partial bail application before it was brought to Mamelodi West Magistrate court today. He pleaded not guilty to murdering his girlfriend. ” I did not kill her deliberately I was trying to defend myself”, said Phenius Mampane. The prosecutor Miss Mbelengwe asked the accused to describe the fight between them and he replied that they were never in a physical fight but in a verbal fight. A protection order was opened against him a day before he murdered his girlfriend by the deceased and he confirmed to the court that he knew what the protection order was about but he did not understand and no one explained it to him until he went to where the protection order was made. He told the court that he wanted bail because he claimed to be taking care of the kids. Whilst on the protection order, the deceased said he did not help her or the kids with anything. The accused said they had fought in their relationship but he said that he never threatened her. The prosecutor read the statement where the deceased said she was no longer feeling safe as well her children because he threatened to kill her including the children. He denied all the facts raised by the deceased on the protection order saying that he doesn’t know anything about it. The court denied him bail and the case was postponed to 29 August 2017.

By: Fortunate Machaba

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