Takuana Ne Shome Hope To Get Sponsor

Takuana Ne Shome Hope To Get Sponsor



A group of nine team is running Takuana Ne Shome and hoping to get a sponsor for their services that they offer to the community. The organization has been running for four years and been registered since June 2016. They are in partnership with Holani and Stanza Bopape clinic. They are dealing patients who are living with HIV and Aids and making sure that the community understand HIV risks, know their status and have access to appropriate and quality service. At the moment they visiting their patients who can’t come to the centre at their homes and those who can visit them at their work place. They have been borrowed a place to work in temporarily and they are not sure when their term will come to the end. During their visit they bath them, clean and cook for them. The group need a stable place to work in, equipment such us gloves, hand washer, towels, adults nappies, refuse bags, disinfection for patients, linen safer, computers of admin and data capturing for reports, furniture, food to give their patients when they visit them and parcels if possible and transport allowance for home visits. “Some of us are not working and we take food from our homes to cook for our patients, said Reginah Mahlangu, one of the team members. Mrs Johanna Mashapa, the project manager said anyone with help and anything will help the organization grow and render their services to the community can contact her on 072-505-8161. Your help will be appreciated.

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