SPUU Program Wish To Develop Mamelodi East

SPUU Program Wish To Develop Mamelodi East

275 Stakeholder Planning Workshop ParticipantsDifferent stakeholders gathered together at the City of Tshwane on Friday to discuss the safety, promotion and development of Mamelodi East.

Safety Programm through the Urban Upgrading (SPUU) programme aims to improve the resilience of communities against violence and to strengthen social cohesion, unhealthy environment, unsafe public spaces, unemployment, lack of opportunities to participate in community life, family disintegration and substance abuse.

SPUU programme focuses on the potential and opportunities to increase safety through preventative strategies by investing in people and improving the quality of public space in Mamelodi East. They are aiming at improving infrastructure, safer schools and youth empowerment.

IMG_1131The program is part of the German-South Africa cooperation in the focal area of Local Government Development. Their target is neglect of children, domestic violence, unemployment and drugs and alcohol abuse.

During the programme audiences were given a platform to raise questions and discuss possible solutions to the problems. Some of the questions will be addressed later. The stakeholders were asked to put down on paper matters raised in the programme that relate to them and write down their contributions to assist with resolving the matters. More information will be update as soon as the next programme occurs and when solutions will be discussed.

By: Fortunate Machaba


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