Boys High Visited St Francis Drop-In Centre

Boys High Visited St Francis Drop In Centre


Boys High visited St Francis drop in centre yesterday afternoon in Mamelodi West.


They came to play with the kids and also to gave them gifts. The gifts were including soccer balls, toys and snacks.


During their visits, the kids performed to entertain them with dancing and singing songs on stage.IMG_1165


Drop in centre kids have gumboots dance team and girls choir. “It’s been valuable for the boys, bringing them out of their comfort zone. They will give back feedback to the school about their experiences. We also raise money for the needy”, said the school MIC and RCL for Pretoria Boys High.



The boys confirmed that they came to the drop in centre to play a role of bringingĀ back to the community and enjoying to see the children happy for the gifts they have received and the boys playing with them.


“It is great to see the joy of the children”, said J.H Dreyer, grade 11 student from Boys High. One of the boys also added that he was amazed by the dance.

By: Fortunate Machaba

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