Saw Many Talents In Mamelodi Youth

Saw Many Talents In Mamelodi Youth


Today was the best day ever.. I have attended a 2 days workshop organized by Tateni. The program’s purpose was to gather with the youth of Mamelodi and have a discussion with them to find out where they can help.

The youth were given a chance during the program to group themselves according to their goals, dreams and interest. It happened that three groups formed (job seekers, education seekers/ furthering studies and entrepreneurs). The interesting part was when they had to present their ideas to everyone.

That’s where I have realized that Mamelodi’s got talent. A lot of people had amazing business ideas, good way of marketing themselves, good strategies they have to help themselves perceive their dreams, good way o working together although they just met. I have realized that working together can help achieve a common goal. As they always say that two minds are better than one. IMG_1273

I’ve seen a lot of them supporting and help each other brainstorming ideas. To me it was like they have been running this businesses, been at the university and working already because their presentation showed a lot of potential, commitment, dedication and hard work. That was amazing and I’m definitely sure that that’s what Tateni is looking for.

These are the kind of people the organization want to work with. I’m looking forward in attending more programs with them and to see if they are going to implement those ideas. This is so exciting!

By: Fortunate Machaba

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