Mamelodi Youth Speak Their Dreams To Tateni

Mamelodi Youth Speak Their Dreams To Tateni


Tateni Community Centre hosted two days programme at the University of Pretoria, Mamelodi Campus. The workshop started yesterday and the purpose of it was to find issues hindering the youth and get to see where they can help the youth to achieve their dreams.

Most of the youth who have attended the programme was looking forward to get jobs opportunities, further their studies and become entrepreneurs. “We are here because we want to do work to break the circle of poverty and see how we can help the youth, we created groups so it is convenient for them as leaders to travel and attend the meetings”, said Kegomoditswe Mosiane, Tateni Youth Development manager.


Erik Buiten, on Tateni’s Board, invited people from other organisations to help the youth understand what it requires of them to get opportunities.

They had Dr Rossouw from KFC who was a motivational speaker, Department of Labor Asnathi Mayayise who explained about how the organisation operates and what the employees are looking for when they employ people, Kagiso Monyatsi from Harambee who was at the workshop to present what they are looking for at the workplace when they recruit employees, Ian Sherry from RMI to share about working together (who, why and how), he said that these idea have been developed through working with communities in Africa.

Most of the issues that Tateni picked up is funding issues for local businesses, access to information, knowledge about their specialties or careers, mentors or support through out their journey.


During the program the groups were divided into three, first one being Unemployment or job seekers, furthering studies and the last one being entrepreneurs. The groups were given opportunities to gather according to their interests, goals and dreams. They had to present their ideas on what they want to do, how they are going to do it and why they want to do it.

Tateni Youth Development Team confirmed that they are looking forward to have a meeting and engage more with the youth in time they are waiting for solutions to assist the youth. “It has been fantastic seeing you all and seeing the talents and looking forward to help you grow yourselves”, said Ian Sherry, chairman of RMI.

By: Fortunate Machaba

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