Impendulo Trained About 17 Entreprenurs

Impendulo Trained About 17 Entrepreneurs


Impendulo Foundation trained about 17 students who became entrepreneurs. Yesterday was their graduation ceremony and it took place at Nelmapius community hall.

Students attended a month course (Basic Entrepreneur and Life Skills Level 1), on the day of their graduation they had to present their business ideas to the funders and sponsors. They are including NYDA, Nemapius customer care office, SNS Group SA, Kholokoane Farming and Department of Labour.  “They will be placed in relevant sectors where they are going to get opportunities, they already have investors to help with their businesses”, said Wendy Mpendulo, Founder and Chairperson of Impendulo Foundation.



Judges of the day

The ward councillor sent a representative to be one of the judges. There were five groups presenting their ideas and the judges chose only number one and two who won, having their business registered and got business cards from the funders and sponsors.





Students presenting their business idea

Group one being a recycling team and number two being Fashion Modelling Agency in Nelmapius.  “The criteria we used to choose is about the group who were the best on the day, not that others didn’t do well”, said  Sammy Maringa, NYDA facilitator. He invited the youth to come to his office to pitch their business ideas.




Zine Nkukwane

During the graduation ceremony, they had Zine Nkhukwana who was the guest speaker of the day. She was motivating the young entrepreneurs and sharing her personal experience as a businesswoman. She gave the youth an invitation to study online for free and recommended that it would take anyone who studies far.

“I came here as an entrepreneur but Impendulo has helped me grow, bring ideas, I have learned a lot, what they did for me it was much more than what I would have done at home”, said Carlton Mhlanga, one of the students.

Impendulo Foundation (IF) is a non-profit organisation that creates and implement diverse strategies to advance positive change in the lives of other people. Wendy said that anyone who wants to be part of the course can join the next lessons. The sponsors were Loreal SA, Mokalapa helped with decorations, Lefifi family with catering.

By: Fortunate Machaba

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