Pastor Supports Albanism Awareness In Mamelodi

IMG-20171003-WA0002YMCA and Love Foundation hosted an awareness programme at Mamelodi West, YMCA Hall on Saturday to make the community aware of Albanism.

The pastor believes that Sangomas claim, that if you kill albino you will be wealthy.

The team was making the community aware that Albino’s are also human and do not have to be treated unlike human.


“The purpose was to alert the community about Albinism. The killing of albino’s made YMCA and Hands of Love Foundation to come together and teach people that Albinos are also human beings”, said the Pastor Raphokoane. He added that people believe in different things. Some believe in God and others in ancestors but people need to stop believing that albino are the source of richness.

The event was sponsored by the Social Department and Dischem Pharmacy. The pastor said he’s looking forward to support more events of that nature. The pastor urge the community to treat Albino like ordinary people.

By: Fortunate Machaba

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