Children Gets Food Parcels From UK Ladies

IMG_1459Mamelodi East children who are members of Pressbatery Church have received food parcels from Joyce Bell and Caroline Izett from the United Kindom (UK) on Saturday at Presbyterian Church.

The ladies are part of AIDS4AIDS organization that has been helping Mamelodi Presbatery since 2004. They help the kids with food, clothing and donates money for University students who are also their beneficiaries. “It is very humbling coming to South Africa and help, the way we have been treated is lovely, we have met so many people and it’s been 13 years since we have been involved in this projects. We started when Professor Duncan and his wife joined the organization”, said Joyce Bell, one of the committee members from the UK.

IMG_1451The organisation started operating in 2004 and have helped many people in the community of Mamelodi including attridgeville with basing nursing skills for HIV & AIDS people. They taught people in the community how to take care of families and friends who are infected with AIDS. “We have realized that people also needed food and we wanted to help those who are struggling”, said Caroline Izett, chairperson of the organisation. The organsation once helped Tateni Community Centre with donation to the needy and those who are infected.

Mrs Violet Mashao, the lady who’s responsible to take care of the children at church said that Joyce and Caroline are her friends, they both from the village called Alva in Scotland. “I visited them in 2007. They have been assisting me financially to run the project for orphans and needy in our congregation”, said Mrs Violet Mashao. She added that The ladies came to South Africa specifically to come and see how the project was run since she account to them. She made it clear that her passion is with needy and orphans.

By: Fortunate Machaba

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