Mamelodi Learners Want CPF Removed In Schools

cosas (4)Mamelodi school learners together with Congress of South African Student marched to Mamelodi East police station on Wednesday to hand over a memorandum of their concerns.  Saying that they feel unsafe in this society more especially in schools. This happened after the incidents of sexual assault of a 17-year-old girl occurred in one of the Mamelodi East schools and another where one learner stabbed another to death last month.

The Education MEC, Panyaza Lesufi visited the school in Mamelodi on Monday to met the school management team to investigate the allegations.
It was alleged that the learner with three boys were under the influence of alcohol during the matric dance. It was reported that a teacher  went out to look for the learner after she disappeared, when the teacher found her, she was “indulging in sexual activities” with a 28-year-old patroller who was arrested on Monday.

It was alleged the Mamelodi police had turned away the principal and the girl’s parent who came to report the matter on 10 October. The case against the perpetrator was opened the following day and was transferred to Bronkhorspruit police station.

Regional Secretory for Tshwane, Jabulani Musi said we are unsafe at schools and we need the same protection that the president of this country has, while reading the memorandum before handing it over to the police. “The learners are the future of this country and if they are not protected now what is going to happen to the future of this country,” said Musi. cosas (1)

Cosas and the learners on the memorandum said they are calling for removal of all the CPF in schools because they are unsafe and they are interested in eating their feeding scheme food and having relationships with learners. They want the department of education and police to assure that schools are drug free and weapon free. Learners gave the police 14 working days to respond and concluded that if their demands are not met within 14 working days they will take matter to the highest level.

Police spokesperson Captain Michael Mbewe said they will make sure that the memorandum goes to the relevant people and encouraged the lerarners to go home safely and that their memorandum will be attended as soon as possible.



By: Fortunate Machaba




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