Mamelodi East Steering Committee Had Business Meeting With Community Members

Mamelodi East Steering Committee had a business meeting with the community members last night at Emasangweni Primary School in Phase 4. The purpose of the meeting was for the committee to talk to the business owners from the community and see how they going to fit in the project of building a new mall in Mahube. One of the steering committee member, Siza Mthethwa said they want to give people from the community an opportunity to run their businesses in the new mall.

During the meeting, people were asked to put their names down and business names on the list so they know business they have from the community people. As one of the requirements, the member of the community raised a fact that he has a problem with health and safety file that he need to have in order to qualify to run his business in the mall.

“It is not compulsory to have a health and safety file, it will depend on the job you have, we are only helping to prepare you so you wont have a problem when contractors get there, we are not going to close any doors for anyone”, said Mthethwa. He added that they will still have to meet with the contractors first and the contractors will confirm the criteria.

Members of the committee together with the community agreed that they cannot hire anyone who have qualifications and not the experience to assist with building the mall. Some of the community members said they want to choose their own CLO and not the councilor to choose for they. They said they feel that the councilor will choose someone who has never worked or served the community.

The committee group said they will leave the issue to the councilor’s hands. “The meeting did not go how I’ve expected it to be, I thought it was going to be a business meeting and not a political one, some people are here to ruin the opportunity for us where some of us are here for this opportunity and want to work”, said one of the members of the community. It is not yet confirmed when the next meeting is going to take place.

By: Fortunate Machaba

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