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PTM_8899Menelik Nesta Gibbons aka Don Dada, a fast rising independent Artist and have been in the industry since he was a teen. Don Dada pushes boundaries to move from strength to strength and well known as a GameChanger.

He is currently promoting his EP that he dropped on 1912OnlineRadio as already has the first few radio interviews scheduled even though it is still in the process of making it available for downloads on digital platforms.

One of his FB pages is the evidence of his journey.

Top Six Facts, under title: Dada claims the hashtags: #Game Changer:

  1. First artist ever [globally] to have an in-house broadcasting station – Dada runs his segment HipHop4Life #DadaFriday from his studio . 1912Radio set up the branch to accommodate him This segment is also the first full Facebook Live show that is fast gaining popularity from across the globe on Friday nights – attached a compliment received from the UK. The 20th October episode has over 10k views and 30 shares even though this show is 8 weeks old and not broadly advertised. This shows has alreal attracted established artists, to date we have interview the likes of Bongani Fassie, DaLES and his full F2D camp, Benny Afro and Mutherland/GettoRuff HipHop artist to name a few
  2. Menelik Nesta Gibbons aka Don Dada an independent artist, debut on the 2016 Mandela Day Concert stage.
  3. Released the Official 2017 Mandela Song supported by Content Connect Africa,  MTN and approved by the Nelson Mandela Foundation
  4. Don Dada was the only male artist interviewed on 2017 woman’s day dedicating his track ‘We Appreciate You’ to woman. He was interviewed on 2 stations on woman’s day [1912Radio and Kofifi].
  5. Best performing [stats related] 2016 MTN Tweet guest and was invited back as the 1st 2017 Tweet Guest – reports attached
  6. Was invited to and captured the Zimbabwean market including opening act on their Shooting Stars Reggae Concert – This concert was a milestone reached in Zimbabwean Music History as the first time that 2 major Jamaican artists [Beenie and Demarco] performed on different stages at the same time. This takes his reach outside of SA.

Download the link below, it contains his AVANT GARDE album and VIVA Mandela single:

His EP is available for you on digital platforms from now on and from the 25th November in Zimbabwe and finally on every digital platform globally thereafter.

Have a look at the latest articles written about Don Dada :  Don Dada had a successful launch on Friday 1st September.

The VIVA Mandela music video

The 3 AVANT Garde music videos are on YouTube:

V8 COUPE: 14k views

A- TEAM: 19k views

PRISOM: 11k views

His personal Facebook page is testimony of his journey

His social media handle on Twitter, Instagram and FB fan page @dondadamusic

His journey is inspirational as it talks to commitment, dedication and action to make any dream a reality.  A shining STAR

Menelik Nesta Gibbons aka Don Dada would be the suitable candidate as his journey inspires others to follow.

For more information contact Layla Gibbons +27832126426 /  +27833834016

By: Fortunate Machaba


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