Mamelodi Shut Down

NotInMyNameSA is going to have a shut down tomorrow after their intervention on gang rape case in Mamelodi. Few weeks ago a 29-year-old women known as Gin and Juice reported that she was gang-raped in Mamelodi. According to the media statement, the victim has reportedly asked for a lift home from a group of about five men outside a tavern where she had been. Instead of them dropping her off to her destination they gang raped her in a back room. It is allegedly that the women spent few days in hospital after the incident happened. After the alleged rape, residents led by political organisation marched to the police station to demand justice. Marchers told the police that the men admitted he had sexual intercourse with the victim. During their visit at the police station,  they handed a used condom that was found on the scene to the police as proof to the crime. They added that one of the rape suspects is related to a female officer at the station. They claimed that no arrest has been made nor an opened case. Police is not yet reached for comment.                                                      By: Fortunate Machaba

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