Mamelodi Staff Complains About Illegal Working Hours

The staff from Mamelodi working for the party shop and pop-up Christmas shop in Pretoria is complaining about long unpaid working hours. The owner of the two shops force her staff to work from 9am to 7pm. ” We only get 30 minutes lunch and is not enough, we don’t have tea breaks but just when we go to the bathroom”, said one of the staff members. The staff says other employees were sacked for complaining about their working hours and little money. According to the staff two people were sacked and one left within a period of two weeks and the other got a job somewhere else. One of the workers took the owner to court. It is not yet know what were the results. Others are planning to leave the shop by the end of the month. “I’m staying because I have no where else to work, I need money and I need to live. She’s always shouting at us and her words are hurtful, we don’t get pay slips when we get paid, we don’t get paid for working over time and we suspect that the shop is not registered. The customers also complained to her about how she’s treating us but she never stopped”, said one of the other staff members. The owner when she was shouting at one of the staff member mentioned that she doesn’t care about what other shops do, if the don’t do their work they are wasting their time and life. She said that her shop is not just a shop and workers shouldn’t just work for money they need to take their job seriously.


I don’t understand how someone let her employees to work 13 days without a day off because “is December and it get’s to busy” so she says. I mean according to the law, you should work 45 hours a week and I believe that working over times they should be paid for. The staff should at least get an hour break or lunch, 30 minutes is nothing. Something really has to be done about this shops. We can let other people get away with exploiting their stuff and reason being that they pay them. I can’t even call this a pay.

The staff works for 10 hours a day for 13 days and earn R 2500 and on December they get plus or minus R 500 bonus of which I believe it should be their pay. I wonder why we have a lot of young people siting at home with no jobs some of them are avoiding such things, a lot of crime in the country and even corruption because we let people like this to get away with it. This is not how people should be treated. Not only shops but also restaurants who doesn’t pay their staff wages and expect them to live off tips I mean really, how much will you be making out of a tip! Personally I’m disgusted of what is happening around us and unfortunately I come across this things when I work for my holidays. It pains me more because I don’t know what to do about it and I hate seeing it!

I suggest we don’t support such businesses reason being that the more we support them the more they don’t see anything wrong about it. For some of them who are ignorant they will keep on doing it.

By: Fortunate Machaba


BlackLives & Matemba Celebrated World Aids Day


IMG-20171203-WA0005There is so much to do in the community for children including orphans and vulnerable. Reverting to do more for the community, BlackLive (local clothing brand) together with Matemba (drop in centre) have gathered for children’s Christmas party and also celebrated Worlds Aids Day. The event took place in Mamelodi extension 4 near the community library on the 1st of December. The organization have organized the party and BlackLives joined in and donated clothes for the children.

IMG-20171203-WA0003On that day the children were performing drama, dance and the best performers won prizes. “The event was to encourage children to dream big despite their backgrounds and to make them feel loved and secure. There is no worst feeling than seeing children with no proper clothes, I really feel touched when giving them a word of motivation. It felt like they needed those words in order for them to start believing in themselves”, said Fortune Mduduzi Zondo, founder of BlackLives . He added that the feeling of helping the kids was great, seeing those humble and innocent souls happy and his aim was to add hope. He thanked his business partner Mbongeni Habile for helping him making this happen. About 70 kids attended the event tat day. City of Tshwane sponsored the event and the event started at 10 am.

By: Fortunate Machaba


A 26 year old man handed himself to the Police on the 22th of November 2017 in the morning at Mamelodi East after allegedly stabbing and killing his girlfriend with a sharp object in extension 20.

The suspect approached the police early that day to confess. The 22 year old deceased was a tenant who was renting in the backrooms in extension 20 and a sharp object was found to have killed her.

A case of murder is opened and the suspect will appear in Mamelodi Court.

By: Itshokeng Nkadimeng

About 70 Kids Attended YMCA International Prayer Week

IMG-20171121-WA0009YMCA celebrated their international prayer week on Saturday in Mameldi East. The main purpose was to empower young people about life, leadership and service. 70 kids from the community attended the service that day. “It was a great day to spend in the presence of God and the youth. Every year YMCA has international prayer week, so on the sixth day of prayer, all the YMCA’s come together and pray. Mamelodi YMCA was the host this year”, said Pastor Lesiba Raphokoane. The Soweto and Ga-rankuwa YMCA were also part of the prayer as well as other stakeholders.  YMCA has three locals in Gauteng which assisted in organising the event.

IMG-20171121-WA0015During the event, they had variety of activities on stage. They had dancers, poets, karate kids and drama kids performing. “Mamelodi YMCA is alive and active, we urge young people around Mamelodi to come to Mamelodi YMCA to enjoy themselves as they are preparing for life”, Added Pastor Raphokoane. YMCA have other activities such as Y-Zone, it’s a program aiming at providing after care programs, Y-Justice, an advocacy program that provides awareness and prevention through the communities and giving back positive results in the YMCA, Y-Arts, which is a development of arts and culture through activities in local YMCA’s that include drama and music.

IMG-20171121-WA0013PortianTshepe, Matsepo from Soweto YMCA and Phuthegi banda from Ga-Rankuwa YMCA came to Mamelodi as representatives of their branches. Pastor Raphokoane and Monica Tshabalala were representing Mamelodi YMCA. Pastor Raphokoane asked the parents to release their children to come to YMCA in Mamelodi East and for the parents who would like their children to participate in their programs, they are urged to contact the Chairperson of the board, Mr Thapelo Rantho on 0721923218 or Secretary Pastor Lesiba Raphokoane on 0732734421 or Youth Facilitator, Monica Tshabalala 0733361938.

By: Fortunate Machaba 

Library Offers Community With More Resource

IMG-20171116-WA0010IkamvaYouth opened their library on Thursday in Mamelodi West D6, to promote literacy and a culture of reading to students in the community. “We decided to open the library because we wanted to promote literacy and also promote the culture of reading. Our library is also stocked with books for different schools subjects so that our learners can have different references to help them in their academic development”, said Neo Rakoma.

The establishment of the library was facilitated by Progress SA Foundation who help disadvantaged schools with establishing their libraries including science laboratories, after school programs, arts and crafts, sports & sports field and renovation of schools. They donated shelves, facilitated  books donations to Ikamva and books were sourced are from Protea Book Shop, family & friends. Ikamva Youth managed to source books from Credo Book Shop. Coca Cola Beverages South Africa assisted with ensuring that the library was secured and Micasa Tours donated paint for the library.



The speaker of the day was author Zama Gamede. Zama writes Life Skills books that are targeting high school learners. One of her books, “Minding the Gap Hitchhikers Guide to the Working World”, takes graduates through the journey of the human resources process. The books gives “job seekers” ideas of what to expect when they enter the world of work.



According to Neo Rakoma, they feel proud about having the library because they believe that it’s an investment to the future of children.


IkamvaYouth is an NPO (Non-profit Organisation) that is aimed at developing young people through education.

They offer a variety of lessons including tutoring sessions from Grade 9-12 in all subjects 3 times a week, also offer computer literacy classes, career guidance, mentorship for all grades but focusing more on the grade 9’s since they help them choose subjects for the next Grade.

With the Grade 12 students, they assist them with choosing the right career paths. The school also do Life Skills sessions to create an awareness on the social ills that affect the youth. They also offer Media Image Expression which allows students to express themselves through arts and media.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Artist Of The Week!

PTM_8899Menelik Nesta Gibbons aka Don Dada, a fast rising independent Artist and have been in the industry since he was a teen. Don Dada pushes boundaries to move from strength to strength and well known as a GameChanger.

He is currently promoting his EP that he dropped on 1912OnlineRadio as already has the first few radio interviews scheduled even though it is still in the process of making it available for downloads on digital platforms.

One of his FB pages is the evidence of his journey.

Top Six Facts, under title: Dada claims the hashtags: #Game Changer:

  1. First artist ever [globally] to have an in-house broadcasting station – Dada runs his segment HipHop4Life #DadaFriday from his studio . 1912Radio set up the branch to accommodate him This segment is also the first full Facebook Live show that is fast gaining popularity from across the globe on Friday nights – attached a compliment received from the UK. The 20th October episode has over 10k views and 30 shares even though this show is 8 weeks old and not broadly advertised. This shows has alreal attracted established artists, to date we have interview the likes of Bongani Fassie, DaLES and his full F2D camp, Benny Afro and Mutherland/GettoRuff HipHop artist to name a few
  2. Menelik Nesta Gibbons aka Don Dada an independent artist, debut on the 2016 Mandela Day Concert stage.
  3. Released the Official 2017 Mandela Song supported by Content Connect Africa,  MTN and approved by the Nelson Mandela Foundation
  4. Don Dada was the only male artist interviewed on 2017 woman’s day dedicating his track ‘We Appreciate You’ to woman. He was interviewed on 2 stations on woman’s day [1912Radio and Kofifi].
  5. Best performing [stats related] 2016 MTN Tweet guest and was invited back as the 1st 2017 Tweet Guest – reports attached
  6. Was invited to and captured the Zimbabwean market including opening act on their Shooting Stars Reggae Concert – This concert was a milestone reached in Zimbabwean Music History as the first time that 2 major Jamaican artists [Beenie and Demarco] performed on different stages at the same time. This takes his reach outside of SA.

Download the link below, it contains his AVANT GARDE album and VIVA Mandela single:

His EP is available for you on digital platforms from now on and from the 25th November in Zimbabwe and finally on every digital platform globally thereafter.

Have a look at the latest articles written about Don Dada :  Don Dada had a successful launch on Friday 1st September.

The VIVA Mandela music video

The 3 AVANT Garde music videos are on YouTube:

V8 COUPE: 14k views

A- TEAM: 19k views

PRISOM: 11k views

His personal Facebook page is testimony of his journey

His social media handle on Twitter, Instagram and FB fan page @dondadamusic

His journey is inspirational as it talks to commitment, dedication and action to make any dream a reality.  A shining STAR

Menelik Nesta Gibbons aka Don Dada would be the suitable candidate as his journey inspires others to follow.

For more information contact Layla Gibbons +27832126426 /  +27833834016

By: Fortunate Machaba


Fraudsters Targeting SASSA Beneficiaries

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is raising concerns about beneficiaries who have received fake SMS’s from people claiming to be SASSA officials. They claim that there is a Christmas competition which beneficiaries should enter so they win a prize. In order for them to enter the competition the fraudsters asked beneficiaries for their ID Numbers, Pins and SASSA card number.

The SMS’s read as follow “Dear SASSA client, you are selected in our Christmas draw 10 out of 100 clients can win 1500 that will be in your account the 1st of December 2017. Please urgently reply/ sms to enter in draw your ID no, last 4 digits of card no & your pin. Lucky Christmas draw… Sassa Head Office”

Beneficiaries are warned that if they get this sms is a scam and urged to ignore it. It is said that SASSA will never ask for your pin or card number. The Agency does nit have Christmas competition. Clients are reminded to keep their pin as secret . “Beneficiaries of social grants need to be extra vigilant during this time of the year, as they are many fraudsters who will target the innocent and vulnerable”, said Perl Bhengu, SASSA CEO. Beneficiaries are urged to call SASSA  on 0800601011 for confirmation if offers.

By: Fortunate Machaba