Children Gets Food Parcels From UK Ladies

IMG_1459Mamelodi East children who are members of Pressbatery Church have received food parcels from Joyce Bell and Caroline Izett from the United Kindom (UK) on Saturday at Presbyterian Church.

The ladies are part of AIDS4AIDS organization that has been helping Mamelodi Presbatery since 2004. They help the kids with food, clothing and donates money for University students who are also their beneficiaries. “It is very humbling coming to South Africa and help, the way we have been treated is lovely, we have met so many people and it’s been 13 years since we have been involved in this projects. We started when Professor Duncan and his wife joined the organization”, said Joyce Bell, one of the committee members from the UK.

IMG_1451The organisation started operating in 2004 and have helped many people in the community of Mamelodi including attridgeville with basing nursing skills for HIV & AIDS people. They taught people in the community how to take care of families and friends who are infected with AIDS. “We have realized that people also needed food and we wanted to help those who are struggling”, said Caroline Izett, chairperson of the organisation. The organsation once helped Tateni Community Centre with donation to the needy and those who are infected.

Mrs Violet Mashao, the lady who’s responsible to take care of the children at church said that Joyce and Caroline are her friends, they both from the village called Alva in Scotland. “I visited them in 2007. They have been assisting me financially to run the project for orphans and needy in our congregation”, said Mrs Violet Mashao. She added that The ladies came to South Africa specifically to come and see how the project was run since she account to them. She made it clear that her passion is with needy and orphans.

By: Fortunate Machaba

SADTU Teachers Marched For Better Wages

Mr Mashifane 20171017_173612South African Democratic Teacher’s Union (SADTU) marched yesterday into Pretoria for an increase of wages. The protesters handed the memorandum to the Department of Higher Education and Basic Education. Mamelodi teachers also took part in the march.

“We were marching for 0.5 outstanding pay progression, diverting of funds to other projects other than to address educational needs of the country recognition and formalizing of Grade R Practitioners as educators”, said one of the teachers from Lehlabile Secondary School.

According to the SADTU members whatsapp group message, during labor meeting that took place on 3 October 2017 between the ILC and  COASATU affiliated Unions, labor agreed to consolidate their demands. The consolidated wage demand, which was tabled to the employer at the special Public Service Coordinating Bargaining Council (PSCBC) meeting on 6 October 2017 stated that, the general salary  increase will be 12 % based on different scales, that the house current allowance to be increased to R 2 500, family responsibility leave to be granted and have an additional of three days including religious people and steward or office bearers, children at higher institution to be granted bursaries or be subsidised. Members were urged to be aware of the majority of their inputs were accommodated in the demand and those which are not will be placed in process.

By: Fortunate Machaba


Panyaza Lesufi Met With School Managements


The MEC for Education, Panyaza Lesufi met with school managements yesterday at Mahube Valley Secondary School in Mamelodi East. The MEC was at school to investigate issues surrounding allegation of sexual assault against a Scholar Patroller involving a Grade 12 learner. Following the investigation of the MEC, it is alleged that the suspect took advantage of the learner who was allegedly under the influence of alcohol that was brought by three boys at school. It was reported that the learner went missing and was found by the teacher indulging in sexual activities. The department will provide support and counselling to all learners affected by the issue.

By: Fortunate Machaba

CPF Arrested For Rape; Mamelodi East

Mamelodi East CPF patroller was arrested for rape. The suspect handed himself to Mamelodi East police station yesterday morning after the case of rape that took place at Bronkhorstpruit was opened on 2017/10/12. It is alleged that the learner was raped at the school matric dance. According to the source, the learner was vomiting when the CPF took her outside pretending to be helping and ended up raping her without using protection. One of the parents said that there is no way he could leave his three daughters to continue in school of such incidents. The Mamelodi East police spokesperson, Captain Michael Mbewe confirmed the case. The suspect is expected to appear in court soon on the 18 October 2017.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Alleged Hi-jacked Car Turns-Out To Be Stolen From Lynwood

Following the investigation of a car that was allegedly hi-jacked on Thursday at Mamelodi East Setion 16, the car was not hi-jacked from section 16 but rather stolen from Lynwood. The police spokesperson, Captain Johannes Maheso confirmed the statement. He added that the two suspects were arrested on Thursday for stealing a car in Lynwood. The Metro police spotted a car in Mamelodi West near Universal Church. “The car was stolen from Lynwood and brought to Mamelodi, the Metro police spotted it and chased the suspects until they got to Universal church”, said Mamelodi West police spokesperson, Captain Johannes Maheso. The suspects are expected to appear in court, Mamelodi West, A5 today.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Traditional Healer Against Killing Of Albinos

Chief Shakuh Blesser, traditional healer from Rustenburg confirmed that it is true that people are killing Albino’s to become rich and it is not the right procedure to follow. “We have a number of different ideas on how to be rich. I don’t encourage you to use that kind of process”, said Chief Shakuh. He added that he have almost 25 free spiritual channels to make someone rich and those channels does need any pay back or human sacrifice. According to his first blog post, all problems can be solved as long as you have faith in your cultural ancestors because they are next to God and only animal sacrifice can be made to help improve the standard of living.

By: Fortunate Machaba  

Police Arrest Suspects For Car-jacking; Mamelodi West

Police arrested suspects for allegedly hi-jacking a car from Mamelodi East section 16 at Univeral Church near Deneboom yesterday. It is alleged that the suspects hi-jacked a lady in section 16, the lady’s car had a tracker and led the police to find her car at Universal Church. It is not clear how many suspects were involved. The eye witness said he was passing by and saw the police surrounding the stolen car. More information will follow after the investigation has been done.

By: Fortunate Machaba