Mamelodi Taxi Driver’s Fight Continues

IMG-20180604-WA0007[1]Mamelodi East Taxi drivers fight is not yet resolved. The NIMNSA (NotInMyName SA) Campaign, Mamelodi Branch intervened on the issue and attended the meeting yesterday at Moretele Park with the taxi owners.

It was concluded that the issue will be resolved soon. This happens after the taxi owners between small taxis and big taxis fight to use Tsamaya Road.

It is not yet know when the matter will be resolved. NIMNSA leaders cleaned the streets after the protest.

Watch the video of the small taxi driver sharing his frustrations about the issue with Sipha from NN7, on Mamelodi Happenings Facebook Page. More updates to follow.


By: Fortunate Machaba 



Service Delivery Protest In Progress: Mamelodi East

IMG-20180612-WA0032[1]Residents of ward 16 in Mamelodi East have taken to the street in protest for electricity services in their ward and they have so far burnt down the container at Stanza Bopape Community Library.

“Several streets around the ward have been blocked with burning tyres and the roof tiles and the building near the community hall is also damaged with bricks that were thrown over it”, said Mamelodi East Spokesperson, Captain Michael Mbewe.

Public order police have been summoned but otherwise the local police officers are monitoring the situation.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Police In Search Of Stranded, Mentally & Violent Woman


Mamelodi East Police are looking for relatives of the unknown woman who was found loitering in extension 5 on Tuesday afternoon. The woman was described to be wearing black tights with yellow, red and blue striped t-shirt. “The woman may be above 30 years old and has violent behavior”, said Mamelodi East police spokesperson, Captain Michael Mbewe. He added that the woman was booked for mental observation at Mamelodi Hospital yesterday. Anyone who knows this woman or her relatives and associates is asked to contact the police at (012) 815 7102/7080 other alternative number is 08600 10111.


By: Fortunate Machaba

CPF Arrested For Rape; Mamelodi East

Mamelodi East CPF patroller was arrested for rape. The suspect handed himself to Mamelodi East police station yesterday morning after the case of rape that took place at Bronkhorstpruit was opened on 2017/10/12. It is alleged that the learner was raped at the school matric dance. According to the source, the learner was vomiting when the CPF took her outside pretending to be helping and ended up raping her without using protection. One of the parents said that there is no way he could leave his three daughters to continue in school of such incidents. The Mamelodi East police spokesperson, Captain Michael Mbewe confirmed the case. The suspect is expected to appear in court soon on the 18 October 2017.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Late Night Protest By Youngsters

Late Night Protest By Youngsters In Mamelodi East

Residents in Mamelodi East Phase 1 are currently protesting (Tuessday; 10:00) blocking the road with rocks and burned tires in Tsamaya. According to the observers, the protest have just started and it is not yet know how long it will last. At the moment, taxis and vehicles are not allowed to use the road. Most of the people in the protest are the youth. Reasons for the protest are not yet known.

By: Fortunate Machaba


Absence Of Magistrate Leads To Case Postponed

Absence Of Magistrate Leads To Case Postponed

The case of Phineas Mampane was postponed this morning at Mamelodi West, A5 Magistrate court after the magistrate was absent. Reasons for his absence are not yet known. The case is postponed to 6 September 2017. Phineas was accused of murder and he’s still on trial. He’s currently in custody until the postponed date.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Alleged Wife Killer Denied Bail

Alleged Wife Killer Denied Bail

Phineus Mampane appeared in court this afternoon after a case of murder was opened against him. He was accused of murdering his girlfriend on June 24 2017. His case was taken to the high court for partial bail application before it was brought to Mamelodi West Magistrate court today. He pleaded not guilty to murdering his girlfriend. ” I did not kill her deliberately I was trying to defend myself”, said Phenius Mampane. The prosecutor Miss Mbelengwe asked the accused to describe the fight between them and he replied that they were never in a physical fight but in a verbal fight. A protection order was opened against him a day before he murdered his girlfriend by the deceased and he confirmed to the court that he knew what the protection order was about but he did not understand and no one explained it to him until he went to where the protection order was made. He told the court that he wanted bail because he claimed to be taking care of the kids. Whilst on the protection order, the deceased said he did not help her or the kids with anything. The accused said they had fought in their relationship but he said that he never threatened her. The prosecutor read the statement where the deceased said she was no longer feeling safe as well her children because he threatened to kill her including the children. He denied all the facts raised by the deceased on the protection order saying that he doesn’t know anything about it. The court denied him bail and the case was postponed to 29 August 2017.

By: Fortunate Machaba